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바이오테크랩 MultiFlo FX

Microplate Washers & Dispensers

Automated Liquid Dispensing & Handling Ensures Accuracy for Walk Away Operation


The Agilent BioTek range of compact, yet configurable microplate washers and dispensers offer a variety of solutions to meet your laboratory’s specific liquid handling needs. Agilent BioTek dispensers and washers can be integrated into many robotic systems for increased automation and efficiency. From basic ELISA to sensitive cell washing to bead washing, the washers offer modules to address myriad assay requirements. The automated microplate dispensers perform across a range of volumes from milliliters down to 500 nanoliters. They offer simple, repeatable and precise liquid delivery throughout their defined volume range. Modular single-channel, multi-channel, and bulk reagent dispensers help to meet varied liquid handling requirements.

Microplate Washers & Dispensers

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