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나노테크랩 BioTek Synergy Neo2

BioTek Synergy Neo2

BioTek Synergy Neo2 multimode microplate reader features patented Hybrid Technology, with independent optical paths that ensure excellent performance in all detection modes. Variable bandwidth quad monochromators, sensitive high transmission filter-based optics, laser TRF, and up to 4 PMTs provide ultrafast measurements.

Advanced environmental controls, including CO2/O2 control, incubation to 70 °C, and variable shaking support live cell assays. BioStack Neo delivers walk-away automation, high throughput, barcode-labeled filter cubes to streamline workflows and limit errors. Powerful Gen6 software provides complete reader control, powerful data analysis, and LIMS integration.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

• Flexible capabilities allow a wide range of screening laboratories, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic facilities to achieve fast, high-performance multimode microplate detection

• With its proprietary hybrid monochromator and filter optics, Synergy Neo2 delivers both flexibility and performance for many applications

• Variable bandwidth settings enable increased sensitivity and lower limits of detection or increased specificity when multiple signals are present, reducing signal cross-talk

• Dual PMTs take two measurements simultaneously and deliver faster results than conventional systems, including FP, FRET, and TR-FRET measurements all at once

• Two lasers provide increased sensitivity and fast reading speeds enabled by a laser-based system for Alpha and TRF assays

• Fast, automated processing of microplates via the dedicated stacker with dual plate carrier saves significant time

• Environmental controls and robust shaking profiles enable consistent data in live cell assay workflows, including temperature control to 70 °C and CO2/O2 control

• Predefined ssDNA, dsDNA, RNA, and protein protocols provide rapid quantification results and save time compared to single-sample systems with Take3 and Take3 Trio plates


Automation Compatibility
  • BioStack
  • BioSpa
  • BenchCel
  • 3rd-party
Environment Control
  • Condensation Control
  • CO2, O2 Control
  • 4-Zone Incubation to 70 ºC
Filter Detection Modes
  • Fluorescence Intensity
  • Fluorescence Polarization
  • BRET
  • Luminescence
  • Time Resolved Fluorescence (Laser)
  • Alpha (Laser)
Imager/Reader Options
  • Barcode reader
  • Reagent injectors
Instrument Control
  • Computer Software
Monochromator Detection Modes
  • UV-Vis Absorbance
  • Fluorescence Intensity (variable bandwidth)
  • Double-orbital
  • Linear
  • Orbital
Supported Labware
  • 6 to 1536-well plates
  • Take3/Take3 Trio
  • Petri/Cell culture dishes